World in Vr├║tky
video (4.48 min)
WORLD IN Vr├║tky (Mexico - Ontario - Shanghai - Santa Fe - Great Wall of China - China - Jamaica - Jordan - Abyssinia - Adria - Orient)
Ontario - Lake
Shanghai - tavern / nightclub
Mexico - local section / location
Wall - panel building block
China - hospitality
Jamaica - laundry
Jordan - River
Adria - ice cream
Orient - Confectionery + ice cream
Abyssinia - local part
Santa Fe - country club

- Video (4:48 minutes) - an interview with her grandmother, grandfather, and residents of the locations in Vr├║tky (Mr Alex Felix - Mexico) on the origin of the nomenclature of these sites + images on the site + sightseeing tour on the bike for the world's Eve Drozd├şk places in Vr├║tky - migration names around the world
- Tourist destinations in the world postcards Vr├║tky

A number of world cities can be found in a city like. also in Vr├║tky (as found in Las Vegas Paris / New York ...). One original name appears in various places in the world (sometimes in the original version, sometimes in language adapted to the transcript refers to the original position) - why?
Why specify the names of law arising in Vr├║tky (and why-Or there other - Korea in Stara Tura, the Balkans - in Zvolen, Canada in accommodation etc.)? Grandma is quite critical, but with a smile, summarizing: "We are such people that like monkeys."
Geographical Location - the project is situated in a locality Vrútky (Vrútky once belong to Martin, today is a separate town with a small population but large number of pubs and an important railway junction. Tur?ianska lie in a basin surrounded by beautiful mountains, there are also important rivers: the Váh and Turiec. The people here used to designate certain urban destination names that appear in other parts of the world. These names are modern, except one (Santa Fe), but some arose during the 20's to 70's of the 20th century - It is thus not affect the current wave of globalization. I searched for the origin and reason for their nomenclature.
Grandmother with the grandfather living in the village Tur?ianske K?a?any falling Vr├║tky. In Mexico, Shanghai, Santa Fe, Orient, Adrie, Jamaica, Great Wall, Abyssinia Jordan if it takes them about 20 minutes. Bus number 27, the Ontario walk 30 min. Or bike 15 min. Grandmother was born there, lived there ever since grandfather knew grandmother. Site and its history know very well. They are interested in the happenings around and sometimes it seems to me that they know all the relationships and context. They are really good and also a trusted source of information.
Yet, the origin and cause of certain names odpoveda? know. The site is so easy to call began because someone named it so. Who and why, to know ... This mystery then creates the conditions for multiple interpretations.
Origin of name Ontario know exactly, once the site is called Skid shores. After building an artificial canal and the lake has led to some resident Mr Wigeon - "one world" (Ambassador for International Relations), who came from T. K?a?any and was in Canada on Lake Ontario, he saw arising out lake and named it as Ontario. It seemed to him equally beautiful - not for nothing orsi from that seen in Canada. What is important between people incurred the opposition, and thus took the title, but it is not the official name - when states are given in quotes, the official name of the site is white shores (when flowers bloom on the banks, is all white .. .). Some people say that the best and cheapest is to leave Ontario.
Shanghai was the local pub for Dolne Vr├║tky, which was once called the sheet because it had (and still is) with metal roof. Nearby was a "disreputable house" and there used to be more vulnerable population (eg Roma). It is now quite famous night club, every Saturday there are gay and lesbian party - as it is near the railway station Vr├║tky, arriving there on a regular basis and people from other places ... The club looks like oby?jn├Ż orange brick house with a tin roof.
Mexico is part Vr├║tky, where you can get the railway underpass. Was built at a time when it built a plant ZOS and the need to build housing for employees. Mexico does not resemble anything, Roma do not live there, is not densely built-up - is really a mystery why so called, the name also is not official. At city hall, I learned what has been a tradition for this name - said that someone sent a postcard to this part of the fun Vr├║tky and addresses written in Mexico, so she was sent to Mexico and Mexican-mail sent to it again Vr├║tky ...
Great Wall of China was once the longest panel package, its name arose from the external similarity. In this block we find China and hospitality.
Near the Great Wall is situated Jamaica. Today is just the name of laundry, but ten years ago and called the restaurant. Owner it is likely named after the film Jamaica Inn.
5 minutes from Jamaica and the Great Wall is the River Jordan and guest house named after her. Jordan is a small river flowing through ditches and Vr├║tky, one of its bank stands the Catholic church of 15 century. The origin of this name probably relates to him.
Adria is a fairly traditional name for ice cream like the Orient. Both are based on these associations to summer holiday destinations and a tradition of good ice cream.
Section called Abyssinia, which is now officially called Colony star. The reason I could not find.
This phenomenon specify the end and now there is more and more such names, inspired by foreign law attractive destinations, as an example company Santa Fe. It is a relatively new country club, established since 1989, is also situated near the railway station. Since most closely corresponds to its name. The name is related to the focus of the club. Like the Colorado bar.
The work is motivated by the record as Slovak, although sounding world, terminology which belongs to the cultural heritage sites in Slovakia.

Svet vo Vr├║tkach
video (4.48 min)
SVET VO VR├ÜTKACH (Mexiko - Ont├írio - Shanghai ÔÇô Santa f├ę ÔÇô ?├şnsky m├║r ÔÇô ?├şna - Jamajka - Jord├ín - Habe┼í - Adria - Orient)
Ontário - jazero
Shanghai ÔÇô kr?a /no?├Ż klub
Mexiko ÔÇô miestna ?s? / lokalita
?├şnsky m├║r ÔÇô panelov├Ż obytn├Ż blok
?├şna ÔÇô pohostinstvo
Jamajka ÔÇô pr├í?v?a
Jordán - rieka
Adria ÔÇô zmrzlina
Orient ÔÇô cukr├íre? + zmrzlina
Habe┼í ÔÇô miestna ?s?
Santa f├ę ÔÇô country club

- video (4.48 min) - rozhovor so starou mamou, dedkom a obyvate?mi dan├Żch lokal├şt vo Vr├║tkach (p├ín Alex Felix - Mexiko) o p├┤vode n├ízvoslovia t├Żchto lokal├şt + z├íbery na dan├ę lokality + sightseeing tour na bicykli pre Evku Drozd├şkov├║ po svetov├Żch miestach vo Vr├║tkach ÔÇô migr├ícia n├ízvov po svete
- turistick├ę poh?adnice svetov├Żch destin├íci├ş vo Vr├║tkach

Viacero svetov├Żch miest m├┤┼żeme n├íjs? v jednom meste ako napr. aj vo Vr├║tkach (podobne ako v Las Vegas n├íjdeme Par├ş┼ż / New YorkÔÇŽ ). Jeden p├┤vodn├Ż n├ízov sa objavuje na r├┤znych miestach vo svete (niekedy v p├┤vodnom znen├ş inokedy v prisp├┤sobenom jazykovom prepise odkazuje na p├┤vodn├ę miesto ) - pre??
Pre? vznikli ur?t├ę n├ízvy pr├íve vo Vr├║tkach (a pre? inde zas in├ę ÔÇô Korea v Starej Turej, Balk├ín ÔÇô vo Zvolene, Kanada v Pie┼í?anoch at?.)? Star├í mama to pomerne kriticky, ale s ├║smevom zhrnie: ÔÇť My sme tak├Ż n├írod, ┼że sa radi opi?├şmeÔÇŁ.
Geografick├í poloha - projekt je situovan├Ż v lokalite Vr├║tky (Vr├║tky kedysi patrili pod Martin, dnes s├║ samostatn├Żm meste?om s mal├Żm po?om obyvate?ov, ale ve?k├Żm po?om kr?em a d├┤le┼żit├Żm ┼żelezni?├Żm uzlom. Le┼żia v Tur?anskej kotline obkolesen├ę kr├ísnymi horami, nech├Żbaj├║ ani d├┤le┼żit├ę rie?e toky: V├íh a Turiec. Obyvatelia tu pou┼żili na pomenovanie ur?t├Żch miest n├ízvy destin├ícii, ktor├ę sa nach├ídzaj├║ v in├Żch ?stiach sveta. Tieto n├ízvy nie s├║ novodob├ę, okrem jedn├ęho (Santa f├ę), ale vznikli pribli┼żne v priebehu 20-tych a┼ż 70-tych rokov 20. storo?a - nie je to teda vplyv teraj┼íej globaliza?ej vlny. P├ítrala som po p├┤vode i d├┤vode ich n├ízvoslovia.
Star├í mama s dedkom ┼żij├║ na dedine Tur?anske K?a?ny patriace pod Vr├║tky pod Vr├║tky. Do Mexika, Shanghaia, Santa f├ę, Orientu, Adrie, Jamajky, ?├şnskeho m├║ru, Habe┼ía a k Jord├ínu im to trv├í pribli┼żne 20 min. MHD ? 27, na Ont├írio pe┼ío 30 min., alebo na bicykli 15 min. Star├í mama sa tam narodila, dedko tam ┼żije odkedy spoznal star├║ mamu. Lokalitu a jej hist├│riu poznaj├║ ve?mi dobre. Zauj├şmaj├║ sa o dianie naokolo a niekedy sa mi zd├í, ┼że poznaj├║ v┼íetky vz?ahy a s├║vislosti. S├║ naozaj dobr├Żm a z├írove? d├┤veryhodn├Żm zdrojom inform├íci├ş.
No napriek tomu, na p├┤vod a d├┤vod ur?t├Żch n├ízvov nevedia odpoveda?. Lokalita sa tak jednoducho za?la vola?, lebo ju tak niekto pomenoval. Kto a pre?, sa nevie... T├íto tajomnos? potom vytv├íra podmienky pre viacero interpret├íci├ş.
P├┤vod n├ízvu Ont├írio vedeli presne, kedysi sa lokalita volala ┼ámykn├ę brehy. Po stavbe umel├ęho kan├íla v┼íak vzniklo jazero a ist├Ż obyvate? p├ín Hvizd├ík ÔÇô ÔÇťsvetov├Ż ?ovekÔÇŁ (ve?vyslanec pre zahrani?├ę vz?ahy), ktor├Ż poch├ídzal z T. K?a?an a bol v Kanade pri jazere Ont├írio, uvidel vzniknuv┼íie jazero a nazval ho rovnako Ont├írio. Zdalo sa mu rovnako kr├ísne ÔÇô nebolo o ni?or┼íie od toho, ktor├ę videl v Kanade. ?o je d├┤le┼żit├ę, medzi ?u?mi nevznikli n├ímietky, a tak sa n├ízov ujal, no nie je to ofici├ílny n├ízov - ke? sa uv├ídza, d├íva sa do ├║vodzoviek, ofici├ílny n├ízov danej lokality je Biele brehy (ke? kvitn├║ na brehoch kvety, je cel├í biela...). Niektor├ş ?udia hovoria, ┼że najlep┼íia a najlacnej┼íie dovolenka je na Ont├íriu.
Shanghai bola miestna kr?a na Doln├Żch Vr├║tkach, ktor├í sa kedysi volala Plechy, lebo mala (a st├íle aj m├í) plechov├║ strechu. Ne?aleko bol ÔÇťvykri?n├Ż domÔÇŁ a b├Żvalo tam soci├ílne slab┼íie obyvate?stvo (napr. r├│movia). Moment├ílne je to dos? zn├ímy no?├Ż klub, ka┼żd├║ sobotu s├║ v ?om gay a lesbick├ę party - ke?┼że je ne?aleko ┼żelezni?ej stanice Vr├║tky, prich├ídzaj├║ tam pravidelne ?udia aj z in├Żch miestÔÇŽ Klub vyzer├í ako oby?jn├Ż tehlovo oran┼żov├Ż rodinn├Ż dom s plechovou strechou.
Mexiko je ?as? Vr├║tok, do ktorej sa dostaneme ┼żelezni?n├Żm podchodom. Bola vystavan├í v obdob├ş, ke? v nej postavili z├ívod ┼ŻOS a potrebovali postavi? aj byty pre zamestnancov. Ni?├şm nepripom├şna Mexico, neb├Żvaj├║ tam r├│movia, nie je husto zastavan├í ÔÇô je naozaj z├íhadou pre? sa tak vol├í, n├ízov tie┼ż nie je ofici├ílny. Na mestskom ├║rade som sa dozvedela, ?o sa traduje o tomto n├ízve ÔÇô ┼że vraj niekto poslal poh?adnicu do tejto ?asti Vr├║tok a zo srandy do adresy nap├şsal Mexiko, tak ju poslali do Mexica a mexick├í po┼íta ju zas poslala do Vr├║tok...
?├şnsky m├║r bol kedysi najdlh┼í├ş panelov├Ż blok, jeho pomenovanie vzniklo na z├íklade vonkaj┼íej podobnosti. V tomto bloku n├íjdeme aj pohostinstvo ?├şna.
Ne?aleko ?├şnskeho m├║ru je situovan├í Jamajka. Dnes je to len n├ízov pr├í?vne, ale pred desiatimi rokmi sa tak volala aj re┼ítaur├ícia. Majite? ju pravdepodobne pomenoval pod?a filmu Hostinec Jamajka.
5 min od Jamajky a ?├şnskeho m├║ru je rieka Jord├ín a penzi├│n pomenovan├Ż pod?a nej. Jord├ín je mal├í rieka pretekaj├║ca cez Priekopu a Vr├║tky, na jednom jej brehu stoj├ş katol├şcky kostol z 15. stor. P├┤vod tohoto n├ízvu s├║vis├ş pravdepodobne s n├şm.
Adria je pomerne tradi?├Ż n├ízov pre zmrzlinu podobne ako Orient. Obidve vych├ídzaj├║ z asoci├íci├ş na tieto letn├ę dovolenkov├ę destin├ície a trad├şciu dobrej zmrzliny.
Habeš volali ?s?, ktorá je dnes oficiálne nazvaná Kolónia Hviezda. Dôvod sa mi nepodarilo zisti?.
Tento fenom├ęn ur?te nekon?├ş a v s├║?snosti vznik├í ?raz viac tak├Żchto n├ízvov, in┼ípirovan├Żch pr├íve cudz├şmi atrakt├şvnymi destin├íciami, uv├ídzam ako pr├şklad podnik Santa f├ę. Je to pomerne nov├Ż country club, ktor├Ż vznikol po roku 1989, situovan├Ż je tie┼ż v bl├şzkosti ┼żelezni?ej stanice. Vzh?adom najviac zodpoved├í svojmu n├ízvu. N├ízov s├║vis├ş so zameran├şm klubu.
Pr├íca je motivovan├í ako z├íznam slovensk├ęho, aj ke? svetovo znej├║ceho, n├ízvoslovia, ktor├ę patr├ş ku kult├║rnemu dedi?tvu danej lokality na Slovensku .